Let's Get Deep : Harnessing Your Inner Strength

It's Time to Harness That Strength, Mama

And if you've gotten this far - you know that you need this.

The strength to take that next step...

The support to help you through the lows...

The understanding from someone who has been where you are...

The cheerleader when you feel like you're navigating this all on your own. 

This package gives you the juiciest of juicy:

  • 1 hour initial ‘deep dive’ call – either over the phone or through GoogleMeet (if you like video!)
  • 2 additional hours of ‘call time’ that can be used, as needed, over the course of the 3 months. (2 x 1 hr calls, 4 x 30 min calls etc)
  • 3 months of full 1:1 access to me through Voxer (a walkie talkie style app)
  • BONUS: 3 months of FREE access to the #singlemotherHOOD community where you’ll be connected with other mama’s all navigating the trials and tribulations that come along with separation and divorce.

Why is this package SO amazing and transformative?

Because consistency in your mindset is key to managing the rollercoaster of emotions that come as a package deal with separation and divorce. I want you to feel that you are fully supported - and that no matter what your family or friends think about the situation - I've got you. 

The universe has you. 
And I have you. 

You’ll gain a new perspective (mine! ha). Having someone, not living through your situation, but having been through a lot of shitty situations in my own marriage, I get to hear your story with fresh ears. I can take stock of everything you're saying and help you to make sense of things - and then help talk you through next steps.  

You may just need a check in every few weeks to make sure you're not wavering in your belief. You're standing your ground. You're making progress and maintaining your forward momentum.

OR you may need another full hour a day or two after we initially talk. 
Whatever you need - this is how we are able to keep progress going.

And just to make you feel super extra comfy and confident, everything we discuss on these calls is strictly confidential. I take the anonymity and the fear surrounding many of these discussions seriously, and your safety and comfort is my number one priority.


Whether you choose to pay in full or spread it out monthly - these next 3 months are going to be completely transformative. I am so excited to help you through this and to meet the 'you' that you've been waiting for.


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