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No one ever gets married with the thought that one day it will come to an end. No one brings children into the world thinking that one day you won’t be there to put them to bed every night. And no one starts a family with the thought that one day you’ll be taking on the full responsibility of your little humans. We’re so honoured that you’re here with us. That you’re open to being vulnerable while navigating the waters of such a major life change. This is a huge step, that we don't take lightly, but we're here for it. We're so excited to hang with you. See you on the inside! xo Kate & Melissa


Frequently Asked Questions

The Single MotherHOOD will be a safe community of like minded women, experiencing similar, yet different situations.  We want to navigate these together in a positive and supportive way!

You will have access to:

- Monthly Q&A's

- Content and interviews with experts

- Wednesday LIVE Wine and Whiskey nights (don’t ask - just come and hang out with us! We’re pretty funny)

- Exclusive blogs and videos from Kate & Melissa sharing our own stories that we can’t share anywhere else

- The #singlemotherHOOD forum - where we can chat, connect and support each other off of all social media platforms

- Perks, bonuses, courses and more!

The only way that anyone in the site will know who you are, is if you want them to know who you are. You can have full anonymity if that's what you choose. Once logged in, you'll have the ability to change your screen name in your account settings and can use an alias the entire time if you like. We want you to feel comfortable sharing your story without fear of who might be seeing it.

Also, for privacy purposes, the payment for the #singlemotherHOOD will show up on your credit card statement as The Link | Social - YOTF. 

You can pay via credit card or debit card and will be charged on a monthly basis. Once you sign up, the payment will be automatic. You can cancel at any time. 

Of course! We get it! Life's crazy and things change and life throws you for a loop sometimes. And we learn to pivot. If this happens, you have the ability to cancel at any time. 

ABSOLUTELY!! Connecting with you is our favourite part of this gig! As we have said, and will continue to say, this site, this membership, this support network...basically this entire community is for you. We will be in it daily responding where needed and to anything we can provide insight on! 

We get it. Like, WE GET IT!

Single Mom life is BUSY!!! 

Because of this, all of the LIVE's will remain accessible in the site once they're over. You can re-watch the recorded version any time! :) WE GOT YOU. 

You name it, we will be talking about it ... and holding nothing back!

We will cover topics such as

  • High-conflict ex's
  • High-conflict 'new partners'
  • The first holiday alone
  • Transition days
  • When to ask for help 
  • What no one told us about divorce

The list goes on.  Not only will we be covering these topics, but we will be sharing our own stories with you as well!

ABSOLUTELY! Please, please feel free to shoot us an email or send a message if there's anything that you really want to see within the community. We want to ensure that we're providing you with the type of support that you need and want as you navigate all the transitions that come along with separation / divorce and single mom life. We're here to lift each other up and support each other through some of the crap, so that we can all thrive! xo

Listen, we get it.  This is HARD as heck.

Single MotherHOOD is no joke. And we want this will to be a safe space that you can come and let off some steam. That said, we are cultivating a community where you're surrounded by people who, without judgement, GET IT...and will help you find solutions, rather than sitting in the problems for far too long.

We will be there to give you a virtual hug on the hard days and jump for joy with you on the days when you're CRUSHING it. We want the highs and the lows, the rises and the falls, the peaks and the valleys. We're going to be here for all of it! 

As a group of badass single mamas, we will give you the strength to go out and live this next chapter to its fullest!

Okay, so we are definitely not lawyers (despite how many seasons of Suits we've binged), which means that we won't be providing you with any legal advice. HOWEVER not only have we both dealt with lawyers and custody and all of that fun stuff, but many women in our community will have gone through (or are going through) a similar process as well. We can give you insight into our personal experiences and let you know what worked in our situation. And then, once armed with the information you feel like you need, you'll need a lawyer or a mediator to formalize the process.

We want our community to be a place where we can safely reach out for tips, advice, guidance or referrals.

That being said, each month we will have an EXPERT on panel for a Q&A segment focusing on our most requested topics. (We will always let you know the expert in advance so you can send in questions). Along with that, we have a RESOURCES section in the membership site, that will be constantly updated with valuable resources and tools for you to take advantage of.

We are here for you mama! 


So we built it ourselves. 

Having been through separations and divorces and custody battles and co-parenting issues and new significant others drama {the list goes on and on} we decided to channel our pain and our experiences for the greater good. Now we have the opportunity to provide other mamas, going through their own journeys into single mom life, with insight into our experiences, and a friendly ear to listen and show you that YOU'RE NOT ALONE. 


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