You're here for a reason.


This course is everything that we go through in the LIVE version, but from the comfort of your home or your car or your office. The modules are pre-recorded audio files so you can listen on the go while you drive or while you're folding laundry at the end of a day. The online version of Your Own Two Feet is convenient and accessible for anyone who wants to grow and move through their journey but due to timing or proximity can't attend our in person events.

Realizing you need to leave is hard. Deciding to leave is hard. Leaving is hard. Separating is hard. Moving is hard. Divorcing is hard. Co-parenting is hard. It's ALL hard, mama. But you're here.


This course is everything that I wish I'd had three years ago when I was going through my initial separation.

It's everything I wish I'd had two years ago when, even though we were separated, things had gone from bad to worse.

It's everything I wish I'd had a year ago when I was absolutely sure that this was his rock bottom, and things would turn around.

And it's EXACTLY what I wish I'd had 6 months ago when my world collapsed, yet again.

This course is everything.

And everything that I'm going to teach you throughout the course is exactly how I pulled myself out of some extremely dark and difficult times.

This course is for you if you're ready to:

Make a shift – a shift in yourself, knowing FULL WELL that your partner/ex-partner likely will not.

Be vulnerable – vulnerable with yourself and with the group. When we share our hardships and our stories, it brings us closer together and we realize we're not alone.

Re-frame your thoughts – this takes practice. Daily. But I'll teach you exactly how I ‘yoga breath' my way through almost every situation that's come my way lately

Step into the fire – to ignite the parts of you that you didn't know you had, and to reignite the parts of yourself that you've misplaced

-  Settle in to the uncomfortable – just for a little while. To get 'ok' with not being 'ok', in order to move through all of the things that have you feeling stuck right now

- Acknowledge that this is going to be really frikkin hard...but SO worth it.

This Will Become The Greatest Support System That You Didn't Know You Were Missing

You know why you're here. This course was built for you. Let's change the way you see your life and your current situation. Let's tear down the barriers that have you feeling stuck, while giving you the tools to help you navigate some of the toughest points in your life. You ready?

Why do you need this? And why is it the best decision you could make to bring calm into the storm of your divorce?

Because you're here

You've gotten this far because you know that this course and this community is EXACTLY where you need to be. You want more for your life - and for your kids lives - and for peace within your family.

Because this divorce does not define you

You want to wake up every day and take a full inhale, followed by a complete exhale and have the ability to be grateful for what you have. And not just because everyone says you should be grateful, but because you actually feel grateful. Which is HARD! I get it. You're in a shitstorm. I am too. But you know what...despite the shitstorm, I still feel grateful every single day. Not all day every day - but every day. And you will too.

Because it's not just a course

It's SO much more than a course! It's women. It's connection. It's a community of mamas supporting one another through some of life's hardest sh*t. It's collaboration. It's conversations. It's enjoying each other's company and laughing through the things that would otherwise make you cry.

I'll see you soon, mama


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